Common Questions

Questions on our Approach

Do you charge for Site surveys?
Generally no, we will attend and assess your site by prior appointment free of charge.
Do you undertake work out-of-hours?
Yes we frequently carry out installations and maintenance out of business hours to reduce disruption.
Do you provide training for newly installed systems?
Yes, we provide guide sheets and operator training for nominated staff.
What about existing equipment?
Whenever practical we will make use of existing equipment and cabling to extend their value if the desired outcome can still be achieved.

Meeting Client Requirements

Do you have a Health and safety policy?
Yes, this is available for review in our customer documentation pack.
Do you have an Environmental policy?
Yes, this is available for review in our customer documentation pack.
Do you carry public liability insurance?
Yes, this is evidenced in our customer documentation pack.
Are the staff attending my site DBS checked?
Yes all our staff have current DBS checks and the documentation is available upon request.

Support and Maintenance

Do you carry spares in-stock for our site
If you you are on a maintenance agreement, we will hold your spares so that a technician can quickly deal with the swap-out without undue staff involvement and disruption. In the case of catastrophic equipment failure NUB will endeavour to provide you equipment on loan to keep things up and running until a replacement is sourced and fitted.
Is there a call-out charge?
Yes there is a reasonable call out charge and discounts are applied to those on maintenance agreements.
What level of support can we expect?
All new installations come with business hours telephone support and if on a maintenance contract twenty four hour cover is provided.
Can you undertake repairs on our current equipment?
In many cases yes depending upon age, condition and the availability of spare parts.

Terms of Business

Do you provide an extended warranty?
We guarantee our installation engineering and cable work excluding wear and tear for one year. This can be extended through our Spectrum Plan maintenance agreements.
Can we supply the Equipment?
Yes, we appreciate that some clients prefer to source their own fixtures, however, mechanical parts and cables must be supplied by ourselves in order for us to ensure their quality and offer our extended warranty.